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The First episode of the Movie was filmed on 13/9/12, although like episodes 1-5 it was not uploaded strait away. The Video goes for abot 40 seconds. The sountrack that is used is from the Poseidon boss battle from god of war.

Episode DescriptionEdit

Jelly Ninja (Just Described as Ninja) and Maximus Prime (Described as Boss) are running up to each other and then clash. Jelly Ninja then drops his weapons and gets out better swords as Maximus Prime gets out a gun and starts shooting at Jelly Ninja, while Jelly fends off the bullets and knocks Maximus down and Chops off his head. Then the Credits roll


  • It all started when Taylor and Max (the two seen in the video) came up to Andrew (while editing a Video of the game Super Monkey Ball) and asked him if he wanted to film the them two Playing with toy Ninja weapons, at first he turned down the offer, then realised that he could film it and edit it, so then told Taylor and Max that he had second thoughts
  • Their was an extended version which was never uploaded, it was just a loop of Jelly Ninja and Maxmus Prime running up to each other. This was repeated three times.

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