png jelly escape


Sam Adams gets taken out by a guard and egts taken down the hallway and into the Backyard to be executed, However is followed by Jelly Ninja (Described as Archer) Jelly Ninja follows the gaurd into the backyard and kills him and then sets Sam free. Sam and Jelly Ninja kill a few more Gaurds. To Sams unlucky demise. He gets killed by a Guard whilst turning the corner. That guard that turns the corner to the gravel part and gets killed by a reinforcement.Then the Stealth Master appears. Jelly Ninja then finds out what happened to Sam, the Stealth Master acknoleges that Jelly Ninja is upset. Jelly Ninja goes off and kills another guard, then meets the Brawler . Jelly Ninja then punches the Brawler so hard in the face that that he gets knocked out.


  • The Brawler battle was going to be longer but it was cut of due to lack of time

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