Jelly Ninja is the Protangonist of the Ninja Movie series. He has appeared in all Episodes but Episode 6.
Jelly Ninja

Jelly Ninja


Not much is Known about Jelly Ninja'a early life but one day when exploring he ran into maximus prime, who challenged him to a battle to the death. After a moment jelly ninja won the battle by chopping off his head. The a few weeks later Jelly Ninja tries to free his friend Sam by sneeking in to the enemie base and saving him when he his about to be exicuted. After a while of fighting Jelly Ninja fails to save sam as he finds him dead, the Stealth Master sees that his friend is dead and acknoleges his pain, then goes off, Jelly Ninja then kills another then encounters the Brawler and knocks him out by punching him in the face. After that day he became good friends with the Stealth Master. Some time near christmas, Jelly Ninja and Stealth Master sees that the Damsel in Destress has been kidnapped by Nyan Prime. Jelly Ninja confronts him and then Kills him. Then the vattle assures and Jelly Ninja and the Stealth master defends the Backyard.

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