Hello and welcome to the Ninja Movie wiki, this wiki is meant to be a wiki were users can have fun editing.


What to do

  • Jump right in
  • Assume Good Faith
  • Be Nice
  • Welcome New Users

Please do not.

  • Vandalise
  • Add any unrelated Content, whether that be Articals, Photos, Videos or Whatever.
  • Plagiarize Content
  • Spam
  • Don't feed the Trolls
  • Make personal Attacks
  • Bring fights from other sites to here

This wiki is for official content only


Please do not

  • Share any contant that is
    • Sexual
    • Gore
    • Swearing (If so please Censore, and don't use in a hurtful manner)
    • Spam
  • Excesive amounts of Capitals
  • Overuse Emoticons
  • Harrass any other user
  • Ask for or Share personal information
  • Bring real life issues into the chat room
  • Overuse of Roleplay (the /me command is allowed)

Special Privleges Guidlines

To be eligable to have a curtian title you must have a curtian amount of edits and achievement points, these edits can be from anything whether that is. (Main Articals, User:Pages ect.) when you get that amount of edits and acheivement points, just ask us. and also their will be some exeptions here, if your already trusted on another wiki or even in real life.

Rollback Guidelines

To be a Roleback you must have 50 Edits and 70 Acheivement Points

If an artical is vandalised

  • Use your roleback powers to change it back
  • Message the Vandliser and give them a warning, if they do it again pass it on to an Admin
  • Do not show any emotion.

If a new user makes a bad edit.

  • Change it back
  • Send them a message, Telling them what they did wrong and sound nice, we don't want to scare good editors off.

Chat Moderator Guidelines

To be a Chat Mod, you must have 100 edits and 200 Acheivement Points

  • If some one is Breaking Rules please
    • Give a Warning
    • If that doesn't Work then Give a Kick
    • If that doesn't Work then Give a Ban
  • Chat Mods do not "Outrank" Normal Users.
  • If you are not a chat mod, do not do there job for them.

Admin Guidelines

To be an Admin you must have 500 edits and 1000 Achievement Points

  • Only Block someone if they have receive plenty of warning

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